Butler County health department gathering vaccine information in online survey

The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati receives its Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday, Dec. 22. The vaccine is the first of the two doses. PROVIDED

The Butler County General Health District wants to gather information about those who work and live in the county as it develops its novel coronavirus vaccination plan.

The county health department, which services the county outside of Hamilton and Middletown, is collecting information from organizations and providers included in Ohio’s Phase 1A and Phase 1B in the COVID-19 vaccinations plan. It is also surveying the public to collect data. The survey is not a vaccination waitlist or scheduling system, according to the health department.

TAKE THE SURVEY: health.bcohio.us

Frontline healthcare workers were the first to receive the first of two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in mid-December. Those who received the Pfizer vaccine received the second dose of the medicine three weeks later, and those who received the first Moderna shot will soon get the second shot.

Firefighters and EMS personnel at area fire departments started receiving the vaccines at the end of December.

“We are moving out vaccine as quickly as we are receiving it,” according to the health district.

The health district also said that not every local public health entity is focusing on the exact same groups in Phase 1A.

While Phase 1B of Ohio’s inoculation program is expected to begin soon, Middletown’s public health department started last week on that sector of the population. Phase 1B includes K-12 teachers and staff, those 65 years and older, and those with severe, congenital, developmental, or early onset medical disorders.

The county’s survey will ask people if they work and/or live in Butler County, and what category in Phase 1A and Phase 1B they fall under:

  • Ohioans 80 and up
  • Ohioans 75-79
  • Ohioans 70-74
  • Ohioans 65-69
  • Ohioans who have severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders
  • Ohioans (adults and employees) in all schools that want to go back, or to remain, educating in-person.
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The health district, at the end of the survey, also reminds people it continues to distribute the limited supply of vaccine that we have received so far.

To date, the Butler County General Health District has received 1,100 vaccine doses and has distributed nearly all of it to those that fall in Phase 1A.

“This is to be expected as different groups are different sizes, and different public health entities are getting different amounts of vaccine,” according to the county health department’s survey.

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