BEER NEWS: Local home-brewers clean UP at the Ohio State Fair

It’s not just our breweries that know a thing or two about producing great beer — home-brewers from throughout west-central and southwest Ohio are making some great brews, too.

But don't take our word for it — the judges at the 2017 Ohio State Fair Homebrew Competition think so, too.

The judges evaluated 580 entries this year in multiple categories, and when it came time to identify one single entry as the “Best of Show,” they chose a Roggenbier, a German-style rye beer submitted by Eric Carman of Oxford, as the best of the best.

Carman collected accolades for five of his entries, but he had plenty of regional company when it comes fo recognition from the judges. Home-brewing medal-winners came from Beavercreek, Lebanon, Fairborn, Hamilton, Springboro, Bellbrook, and Xenia, among others.

Here's the full list of 2017 Ohio State Fair home-brew winners from our region:

Flight A: Pale Malty European Lager

17 Entries

3rd Place: Jim Bianchi, Springboro, Helles Bock

Flight C: Dark British Beer

11 Entries

4th Place: James Williams, Fairborn, Sweet Stout

Flight D: Strong British Ale

8 Entries

2nd Place: Eric Carman, Oxford, Wee Heavy

Flight E: Amber & Brown American Beer

17 Entries

4th Place: Luke Soposki, Xenia, American Amber Ale

Flight I: Strong American Ale

17 Entries

2nd Place: Shawn Ryan, Celina, Double IPA

Flight K: Trappist Ale

19 Entries

3rd Place: Brian Sanders, Beavercreek, Belgian Dubbel

Flight L: Historical Beer

9 Entries

1st Place: Eric Carman, Oxford, Roggenbier

3rd Place: Ashley Whitney–Rawls, Beavercreek, Gose

Flight M: Spiced Beer

27 Entries

2nd Place: Ian Bock, Bellbrook, Peanut Butter Porter

Flight P: Standard American Beer & International Lager

20 Entries

3rd Place: Luke Soposki, Xenia, Standard American Beer – American Lager

Flight R: Pale Bitter European Beer

19 Entries

2nd Place: John Schneider, Lebanon, German Pils

4th Place: Ian Bock, Bellbrook, Kolsch

Flight S: Amber Malty European Lager

13 Entries

1st Place: Eric Carman, Oxford, Dunkles Bock

Flight T: Amber Bitter European Beer

9 Entries

4th Place: Eric Carman, Oxford, Vienna Lager

Flight U: Dark European Lager

9 Entries

4th Place: John Schneider, Lebanon, Munich Dunkel

Flight V: German Wheat Beer

11 Entries

3rd Place: Jim Rupert, Germantown, Weizenbock

4th Place: Stephen Warren, Fairborn, Weizenbock

Flight CC: Belgian Ale

5 Entries

1st Place (tie): Eric Carman, Oxford, Belgian Ale – Witbier

Flight EE: American Wild Ale

23 Entries

3rd Place: Matthew Spicer, Hamilton, Mixed - Fermentation Sour Beer /

80% Pilsner and 20% Wheat, Fermented with Saccharomyces,

Brettanomyces and lactobacillus

Flight HH: Ciders

17 Entries

3rd Place: Luke Soposki, Xenia, New World Cider

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