Bad pipe to blame? Fairfield forced to undergo major replacement 2 years early

Last month’s large water main break on Seward Road was the city’s breaking point to push up the pipe replacement project by two years.

Public Utilities Department Adam Sackenheim told council on April 8 that the planned 2020 water main replacement along Seward Road needs to be done this year.

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Sackenheim said in the past four years, Seward Road has seen 17 water main breaks, 10 of which have happened in the past six months.

"This area is becoming very problematic for us. What it's doing, is when we have main breaks in this area, we are interrupting services to Pacific Manufacturing, to Western States and to some other critical commercial and industrial customers," Sackenheim said.

He said he believes the city installed “bad pipe” 35 years ago. Pipes should last decades longer than 35 years.

Replacing part of the Seward Road waterline pipe will cost an estimated $750,000.


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