After police broke up a party, a man asked for a ride in the cruiser and offered a lighter as ID

A man wearing a Green Bay Packers football jersey attempted to get into the back seat of the Oxford police cruiser of an officer wrapping a call for a large party in the 200 block of University Avenue.

The officer asked him what he was doing and he said he needed a ride to Mason, Ohio, according to a police report.


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That was not the only thing he was confused about. The officer asked for identification and the man tried to hand him his cell phone and dropped it on the ground. He then pulled out a cigarette pack and the officer again asked for ID, to which the man replied, “Why don’t I get you my ID?” and handed him a lighter.

The ID was eventually located. He said he had three drinks and that was why he was not driving.

He was placed in the back of the cruiser while the officer wrote out the summons but Iles passed out several times and the life squad was called to take him to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. The summons for underage intoxication and disorderly conduct was placed in his wallet.

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