After argument, Butler County commissioners approve $18M property tax rollback

Credit: Denise G. Callahan/STAFF

Credit: Denise G. Callahan/STAFF

After a big argument, the Butler County commissioners approved an $18.5 million property tax rollback for next year which will save taxpayers about $67 per $100,000 in assessed value.

Commissioner Cindy Carpenter balked at the tax break, saying it is not fair to everyone in the county because it benefits the rich and not people who don’t own property. She also wanted more time to consider the motion, but eventually voted yes, then abruptly left the meeting.

Commissioner Don Dixon made the motion Monday because it had to be done before they approved the 2022 budget resolution. It was not on the agenda.

“My proposal would be to rollback the inside millage for the year 2022 for all the real estate in Butler County,” Dixon said. “I think it’s something that we’ve strived for and promised we would try and do and now is the time I think when county residents need it. It seems everybody is being taken care of except on the real estate side.”

“You threw it at me but I like to think about things,” Carpenter said to Dixon. “What have I had, 10 minutes now?”

County Administrator Judi Boyko reminded her she did tell her about the proposal previously, “I have been doing the research and have kept all the board members up-to-date.”

Prior to approving the tax break the 2022 general fund budget called for a beginning cash balance of $119.7 million, revenues are projected to reach $116 million and the commissioners, other office holders and departments plan to spend $107.5 million. It also includes $27.5 million for one-time expenses like a capital reserve fund and $2.5 million contribution to Spooky Nook infrastructure. Non-general fund expenses total $370.5 million.

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