5 things to know about the coronavirus today: Cases surge and businesses talk possible shutdown

It is Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020 and these are five things to know about the coronavirus pandemic today.

Ohio reported 8,000 new cases Friday, 7,000 on Saturday

After Ohio reported more than 7,000 new coronavirus cases for the first time on Thursday, new case numbers jumped by almost 1,000 additional cases with 8,071 reported on Friday. On Saturday, Ohio reported more than 7,700 new cases. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine called the situation a “monumental crisis,” calling on Ohioans to “Protect your family and friends. Wear a mask.”

Warren County health officials “overwhelmed” by virus spike

Warren County health officials urged residents to follow coronavirus guidelines after seeing a 70% surge in local coronavirus spread. Officials said that the district had become overwhelmed with the rapid acceleration in the number of new coronavirus cases being reported and no indications of leveling off.

Businesses discuss a possible shutdown

Local restaurant and bar owners said their establishments should not be blamed for the sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in Ohio and one called Gov. Mike DeWine’s threat to close these kind of establishments “ridiculous” without financial support.

Pharmacies report encouraging increase in flu shots

National pharmacies are reporting large increases in the number of flu shots being given, which is an encouraging sign as local health experts are stressing the need to prevent dual outbreaks of flu and coronavirus. Officials stressed the need to do whatever we can to keep people healthy and prevent large numbers of people entering the hospital sick with the flu.

Strain on the Miami Valley continues to grow alongside new cases

In late March, former Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton urged people to “flatten the curve,” and was met with some skepticism when she warned the state could reach a devastating 6,000 to 8,000 cases per day if it stayed on the same path.

Now, the state finds itself in yet another surge and this time the milestone has been reached with a little over 8,000 new cases reported Friday, with a corresponding slam on the health system as front line workers strain to warn the exposed and care for the sick.

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