Woman strikes victim with her car after fight on Saturday


A woman is facing charges of felonious assault after striking a victim with her car on Saturday, Dayton Municipal Court records show. The victim was transported to the hospital for a head injury after flying airborne and striking a wall.

Hailie Comer, 19, reportedly sent threatening text messages to the victim, Matilda Dugan before arriving at Dugan’s residence with another male and female in her vehicle. A fight reportedly broke out among several people and Comer got back into her vehicle, a gray 2007 Kia Optima to leave the scene, backing into the intersection of Earl Avenue and Milburn Avenue.

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Comer’s vehicle stalled and another fight reportedly broke out, the court records state. After another fight broke out between Comer and Dugan, Comer drove forward onto the sidewalk, striking Dugan. Comer continued to drive forward, striking the wall of a building. Dugan landed on the hood before striking the wall of the building, where she sustained a head injury court reports show. She was transported to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred around 10:53 a.m. on Saturday. There is no word if the other two people with Comer were charged. Comer’s bail stands at $50,000 according to the Montgomery County Jail website.