Mikesell’s brand lives on: Which favorites do people want back on shelves the fastest?

Conn’s Potato Chip Co. announced Monday that its subsidiary obtained a license to the brand rights for Mikesell’s snack foods, which effective immediately will be made at its Zanesville facilities “to quickly restock retail shelf space, especially for potato chip and puffcorn items.”

After Mikesell’s announced earlier this month it would seek to sell its brand and intellectual property while winding down its operations in Dayton, people throughout the area expressed their dismay at potentially losing the snack foods produced by the company founded here in 1910.

On Dayton Daily News social media posts, readers shared their Mikesell’s favorites. Here are their Mikesell’s go-tos:

What are your favorites from Mikesell’s?

• “I love my green onion and smoked bacon now I’m going be sad for the rest of my life.” - Becky Spitzer

• “Smoked bacon. Sour cream and onion.” - Michael Wallace

• “The honey barbecue chips, and the cheese puff corn.” - Laura Shutts Luke

• “They make the best Green Onion chips, ever.” - Kay Schilling

• “Movie theatre butter Puffcorn, one of my favorite snacks. Really going to miss them. Oh well, one less thing to be tempted by I guess.” - Brekke Beck

• “BBQ pork rinds. Were my favorite. The absolute best flavor.” - Paula Victoria Powers

• “Green onion, all time favorite!!!” - Gina Schwartz

• “Good and Hot Flavor!” - Sherry Daniel Hack

• “Spicy Dill Pickle hands down.” - Christopher Bilbrey

• “My life is over!! Mikesell’s are and always have been my favorite chips.” - Kim Coyne

• “Cheddar puff corn!!” - Audra Mickles

• “Honey BBQ!!! The Best! My grandchildren’s favorite too!” - Bobbi Groeber

• “Their pretzel loops are to die for!” - Diane Cornett

• “Honey bbq. I just bought a new bag.” - Judy A nn

• “My fav were sour cream and onion but they stopped making those years ago. Now it’s good n hots.” - Kamala Stephens Rautzen

• “Let’s be real, all of the chips.” - Alisa Hartlage

• “Puffcorn!!!” - Courtney Elizabeth

• “Green Onion was my favorite flavor with BBQ running a close 2nd.” - Aqua Porter

• “The honey barbecue chips. No more green onion chips either. No one makes them like Mike-Sells.” - Cynthia Berger Rose

• “I’m sooo sad ! I take a few bags EVERY time I take a road trip too!” - Stephanie Hart

• “The Dutch pretzels were a family favorite and even given as Christmas gifts when I moved out of state!” - Samantha Blair

• “Their Puff Corn. Great for people who can’t handle popcorn kernels due to stomach issues but who like the pop corn flavor. Worth an investment.” - Gail Earman

• “Say it ain’t so. Chocolate covered ridge potato chips were a great holiday tradition.” - Robert Rourke

• “Really hate to see this. Mikesell’s were the best! My favorite was Old Fashioned Kettle Cooked. Wondered why I haven’t been able to find them for quite a while.” - Carol Bryson

• “Smoked Bacon Potato Chips are the best!” - Dawn Bowman

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