Second EF0 tornado confirmed early Sunday in Darke, Shelby counties

After confirming earlier this week that a tornado touched down in the Versailles area early Sunday morning, the National Weather Service has confirmed a second EF0 tornado around the same time, this time in Darke County near the village of Russia.

In a damage survey, the NWS estimated the tornado started at around 4:23 a.m., dealing some very minor damage on Studer road but more notable damage on the east side of Marshall Road.

From there the tornado moved north and east into Shelby County, with the last visible damage occurring at a property north of Redmond Road, just west of Walzer Road.

In all, the tornado traveled about 2.6 miles, with a path as wide as a football field and wind speeds as high as 75 mph.

Damage caused by the tornado mostly involved roof damage, though one barn was leveled, throwing sheet metal as far as a tenth of a mile away, and one concrete silo was knocked over into a barn, causing that barn to partially collapse. The tornado also caused tree damage, uprooting or knocking down trees all along its path.

The NWS thanked the Shelby County EMA and officials from the village of Russia for their assistance with this survey.

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