Salt and snowplows by the numbers: ODOT launches Winter Media Center

As the area prepares for a winter storm and several inches of snow, the Ohio Department of Transportation has launched a Winter Media Center to help media outlets stay up-to-date with ODOT’s efforts to fight the weather.

The Winter Media Center will include information about materials used, as well as links to ODOT’s snow and ice page, weather information and a live feed to ODOT’s social media, where officials will post updates.

As of Jan. 30 of 2021, ODOT has used 350,952 tons of salt and 9,139,695 gallons of liquid de-icer. They have driven 4,540,796 miles in snow and ice and currently have 574,592 tons of salt available.

ODOT officials recommend that even when crews are out maintaining the roads, drivers should use caution, as roads may still be snowy.

ODOT maintains over 43,000 lane miles of state, federal, and interstate routes, their website states. ODOT plows all interstate routes, including through municipalities. ODOT does not plow or treat state or federal highways within municipalities, local routes, or private driveways.

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