President Trump to stop in Dayton, Toledo on Monday

President Donald Trump will hold events at a business at the Dayton International Airport and at the Toledo Express Airport on Monday.

The Dayton campaign event will be called “Fighting for the American Worker” and will begin at 4:30 p.m. at Wright Bros. Aero, which operates at the Dayton airport.

“We are excited to welcome President Trump back to Ohio," said Evan Machan, communications director for the Ohio Republican Party. "It is no secret that the president loves coming here. President Trump will firmly win Ohio and we are looking forward to the president being here on Monday.”

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, a Democrat, disputed that assertion.

“It’s clear that he is in trouble in Ohio, that’s why he keeps coming back here,” Whaley said. “Any time he travels, I worry that we’re going to have a spike in COVID. He doesn’t social distance or encourage mask wearing. He pretty much shows off his failure of leadership wherever he goes.”

Dan Lusheck, spokesman for the Trump campaign in Ohio, said Trump will speak to a crowd of invited supporters and volunteers, but the event is not open to the general public at this point.

Coronavirus precautions will include temperature checks and the distribution of masks and hand sanitizer, which is similar to what was done for Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Ohio this week, he said.

“It’s an honor that the president is coming back to Montgomery County again. Obviously we are a battleground county in the state of Ohio and we welcome his visit and look forward to seeing him," said state Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Butler Twp., who is also Montgomery County GOP chairman.

Plummer said he is happy Trump will be talking about jobs. “Our community is rebounding. People appreciate his efforts,” Plummer said.

Later, Trump will have an event in Toledo called “The Great American Comeback.” The 7 p.m. event will be open to the public.

The Ohio Democratic Party this week released a statement saying: “Donald Trump thinks he can play Ohioans for fools. The last time he parachuted into northwest Ohio, he promised that our future ‘never ever looked brighter.’ Eight months later, thousands of Ohioans have lost their lives to COVID-19, working families are picking up the pieces of a shattered economy and Trump’s incompetence is only making things worse.”

Credit: Ty Greenlees/Staff

Credit: Ty Greenlees/Staff

“Whatever Trump says on Monday, we’re ready to put an end to his chaos and send Joe Biden to the White House,” the Democrats statement says.

Gov. Mike DeWine on Thursday indicated he would not be with Trump at the Toledo event, but he said he did expect to be with the president at a second event, which presumably would be in Dayton.