Payroll Project: Warren County’s highest paid employees

Warren County paid 70 employees more than $100,000 each in 2022, according to the Payroll Project, an annual reporting project from the Dayton Daily News and Journal-News.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office had 17 six-figure salaries, which was more than any other department. This was followed by the Board of Developmental Disabilities with eight.

The employer for government agencies is the voting and taxpaying public. As with any other employer, the public has not just a right but a responsibility to know how much its employees are paid in the interest of good stewardship.

Go here for a searchable database of state and local government pay across our region.

The highest paid Warren County employees last year were:

1. Duane Stansbury, health commissioner: $164,648

2. Megan Manuel Board of Developmental Disabilities superintendent: $152,131

3. Tiffany Zindel, county administrator: $151,019

4. David Fornshell, county prosecutor: $148,195

5. Russell Uptegrove, county coroner: $145,726

6. Colleen Chamberlain, Mental Health Recovery Board executive director: $143,757

7. Barry Riley, sheriff’s office chief deputy: $137,485

8. John Agenbroad, Veterans Services Administration director: $132,131

9. Benjamin Clift, IT director: $131,604

10. Brian Tinch, sheriff’s office major: $129,552

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