Palindrome Week: Get to know it front to back

Take note, today and all this week represent palindrome date numbers.

A palindrome is something that reads the same way backward and forward. Dates, numbers, words, concepts and topics can be categorized into a palindrome.

Take today for example. Today is the 22nd day of the second month in the year 2022. In a numbered sequence the date is 2/22/22 and can be read forward, then backward and vice versa, but remain the same. Today is also an ambigram, which means it reads the same upside down.

With today falling on a Tuesday, many people are referring to the date as “twosday”.

Palindrome week falls into double twos for each day:

  • 2/20/22
  • 2/21/22
  • 2/22/22
  • 2/23/22
  • 2/24/22
  • 2/25/22
  • 2/26/22
  • 2/27/22
  • 2/28/22

Today’s date also remains a palindrome when written European style — 22/02/2022.

It’s a unique phenomena found in February as the next palindrome won’t be until 2030.

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