Ohio reports more than 2,000 daily COVID cases for first time in nearly four months

More than 2,000 daily cases of coronavirus were reported in Ohio for the first time in nearly four months.

The state recorded 2,167 cases in the last day, bringing its total to 1,134,965, according to the Ohio Department of Health. The last time Ohio’s daily cases exceeded 2,000 was in mid-April.

After seeing coronavirus decrease throughout spring and into the summer, Ohio has seen a surge in cases throughout the last month.

Last week the state had more than 1,000 cases reported for five days in a row. Ohio hadn’t reported more than 1,000 daily cases since roughly two months.

Ohio is averaging 939 cases a day in the last 21 days, according to ODH. However, in the last week the state’s average is 1,363.5 cases a day.

The 113 hospitalizations recorded in Ohio in the last 24 hours was nearly double the state’s 21-day average of 57. Wednesday was the third time Ohio has reported more than 100 hospitalizations in a day in the last three weeks.

Ohio reported 15 ICU admissions, bringing its total to 8,503, according to ODH. The state is averaging six ICU admissions a day in the last three weeks.

COVID vaccinations continue to approach the 50% mark in Ohio. The state reported 49.63% of its residents have started the vaccine and 46.26% have finished it as of Wednesday.

Nearly 11,800 people in the state received their first dose in the last day. More than 5,801,000 people in Ohio have had at least one shot and 5,407,000 have completed it.

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