Miami Valley nurse featured in new coronavirus PSA

A nurse who works at Miami Valley Hospital was featured in a new public service announcement from the state about the unpredictable nature of COVID-19.

Jasmine Shavers, who works at an all-coronavirus ICU ward spoke alongside other nurses about the unpredictable nature of the virus.

Nurses shared that they’ve seen young, healthy patients in the hospital and that the virus does not pick and chose who to target.

Shavers says that she sees people who are not following the health guidelines and thinks she will see them in the hospital soon. She shared that she has seen patients on a ventilator that believe the virus is a hoax.

“Some patients tell us they didn’t think the virus was real, then they need a ventilator to survive,” she said.

Shavers has been working with coronavirus patients since the hospital saw its first patient from the virus in March.

As the holidays approach, Shavers asked that people stay home and celebrate with those in their household instead of going to larger family gatherings.

“When I see people in the community not wearing a mask, I say to myself ‘I’ll see them at a hospital soon.’ That’s not where I want to see them,” she said. “We as a community have to care about each other. Hopefully people cooperate so we can beat this virus.”

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