Dayton loves beer. So does the rest of Ohio, new data shows



Dayton makes the top 40 of 366 U.S. cities gauged on beer-centric measures.

In case there was ever any doubt, Dayton loves beer and has long enjoyed its own craft beer boom.

Now there’s new data to back that up.

According to a report from financial web site, Dayton ranks No. 40 among the “best cities” for beer drinkers nationwide, based on a look at metrics such as the number of breweries, concentration of bars and the price of a domestic pint.

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Some Dayton beer data, compiled by the site: Our fair city has 5.7 breweries per 100,000 residents, with an average 64.6 beers per brewery. There are 16 bars per 100,000 residents in the Gem City, where an average pint costs $4, the site said.



Cincinnati ranks high on the list, at fourth, the report indicates. Cincinnati ranks 11th overall for number of breweries (31) and 22nd for breweries per 100,000 residents (10.2).

Breweries in Cincinnati also feature an average of 128.4 beers, the 17th-most across the study. However, the average price of a pint there rose from $4 to $5, which tied for 204th-cheapest on the list.

Akron reaches No. 14 on the list while Columbus is 17th.

Cleveland finds itself at 47, the report shows.

“All five cities rank better than average in three of the five metrics we considered: the total number of breweries, the average number of beers per brewery and bars per 100,000 residents,” SmartAsset said.

Nationwide, the beer industry has undergone what SmartAsset calls a “renaissance” in recent years. The number of craft breweries in the U.S. nearly doubled between 2015 and 2020, reaching 8,764 as of last year.

In all, the site said it analyzed data for 366 U.S. cities.

The report, with methodology and rankings, can be found at:

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