Injured Clearcreek Twp. police officer undergoes surgery; may need another procedure

Eric Ney, who was shot during a domestic disturbance call July 12, was readmitted to Miami Valley Hospital last week

The wife of an injured Clearcreek Twp. police officer who was shot in the face last month during a domestic dispute posted on social media that her husband was out of surgery after several hours on Monday.

Officer Eric Ney went into surgery Monday afternoon to address blood clots and other medical issues stemming from the July 12 incident where he was shot in the face during a domestic violence call.

According to Clearcreek Twp. Administrator Matt Clark, the officer was in critical but stable condition today at Miami Valley Hospital. The surgery was to remove pressure on Ney’s brain and to address other issues, Clark said.

Lisa Ney said that her husband was intubated and sedated. She said surgeons could not find the hole but did find a really jagged fracture. Ney also said surgeons at Miami Valley Hospital went ahead and packed that area where the air is getting into her husband’s brain.

“After another scan tomorrow, they will decide whether or not another surgery is needed on Thursday,” she said. “Please pray that this does the job and no more surgery is needed. Our God is an awesome God. Thank you all so much for continuing to pray and keep us in your thoughts. Much love and many blessings to you all.”

Ney, a 14-year veteran of the department, was released from the hospital on July 30 and was undergoing rehabilitation from home. However, he was readmitted to Miami Valley Hospital on Aug. 17.

On a social media post, Ney’s wife Lisa, said, “If they do the surgery, it is complex. They have never seen air to continue to fill the brain. The Neuro and the ENT doctor would do this operation together. For the first time I’m feeling weak, defeated, sad, and literally sick. Please pray. Our family needs your prayers. Thank you.”

Many people on various social media platforms are sending prayers to the Ney family.

On July 12, police arrived at the farm of Mark Evers around 7:16 p.m. on a domestic disturbance call. Evers was using his Gator ATV to ram into his wife’s vehicle multiple times, according to police. Clearcreek Twp. Police Chief John Terrill said officers had been to the Evers farm in the past for neighborhood disturbances and that officers were aware he could be armed.

Evers, 65, eventually began talking with police, then suddenly fired two shots at Ney. Sgt. Nicole Cordero returned fire, shooting Evers. Evers also shot himself, and died at the scene. State investigators have not yet determined if the fatal shot came from Cordero or was self-inflicted.

Terrill previously said this was the first officer-involved shooting and first shooting of a township police officer in the department’s history. Clearcreek Twp.’s police department was founded in 1975.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has taken the lead on the investigation on the shooting of the officer as well as the shooting of Evers, Terrill previously said.

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