Coronavirus: Who is eligible for the vaccine in Ohio under Phase 1C, Phase 2?

Starting today, people ages 60 and older, law enforcement, childcare workers and pregnant women are among the next group of people eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine in Ohio.

With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine approved for use in the U.S. and Ohio receiving its largest vaccine shipment this week, Gov. Mike DeWine announced Monday that the state was comfortable expanding vaccinations.

Starting today, March 4, vaccines will be available to the following groups in Ohio under Phase 1C:

  • People with type 1 diabetes
  • Pregnant people
  • Bone marrow transplant recipients
  • People with ALS
  • Childcare services workers
    • Including administrators, lead and assistant teachers and substitutes enrolled in Ohio’s Professional Registry who are currently working in open child care and pre-kindergarten program
  • Funeral services workers
    • Including embalmers/morticians, funeral home directors, crematory operators and apprentices
  • Law enforcement and correction officers
    • Including sworn law enforcement officers and peace officers who have first responder or direct supervisory responsibilities. They must be active duty and work a minimum 20 hours a week. This does not include retired, “special” or reserves persons.
    • Including corrections staff, probation and parole staff who provide direct services to an adult or juvenile inmate or court-supervised individual
    • Including people with a valid active firefighting certificate in Ohio who are active members or employees of a recognized state fire department. This does not include retired, emeritus or reserve individuals.

About 246,000 people are included in Phase 1C.

DeWine also announced that under Phase 2, Ohioans 60 and older will be able to be vaccinated. Phase 2 will also start today and includes about 695,000 Ohioans.

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