Bengals game weather: Early forecasts say cool in Kansas City, freezing in Miami Valley

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

According to early forecasts, fans attending the Bengals/Chiefs game on Sunday in person will see much milder weather than in the Miami Valley.

On Sunday, early predictions from the National Weather Service in Kansas City said it will be mostly sunny and cool, with highs estimated at around 47 degrees.

After night falls, temperatures are expected to drop to a few degrees above freezing by midnight, eventually reaching a low around 27 degrees.

Meanwhile, fans watching the game in the Miami Valley can expect a much colder time.

Early predictions from the NWS in Wilmington said highs on Sunday will peak just above freezing at around 35 degrees.

After the sun goes down, temperatures will fall to a low around 18 degrees.

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