White Castle sells Chicken Ring keychain as it unveils 2 new flavors

One of the most popular fast-food chains in America is spicing up what it offers in the Chicken Rings realm.

White Castle announced two new flavors: Hidden Valley Ranch and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings. The rings are made with all-white meat chicken, White Castle said.

“The addition of these two exclusive flavors means there are three versions of the Chicken Rings to savor and share among family and friends,” the company said in a news release Tuesday. “The tried-and-true Classic Chicken Ring features tender all white meat chicken on the inside and crispy breading on the outside. For fans of a little extra flavor profile, The Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken Rings are perfectly coated with a dusting of Hidden Valley ‘s magical blend of buttermilk, garlic and special blend of herbs and spices.

“The Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings, like the summer season, brings the heat with cayenne pepper, vinegar, garlic and paprika,” the company says.

Twelve Chicken Rings are $3.99. Fans who just can’t get enough of the White Castle food can now buy a Chicken Key Ring for $15, available online. (That’s right, White Castle has an online swag store.)

The 2-inch Chicken Rings keychain was designed by Etsy artist Mo of MouseMarket.

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