Fitton Center’s summer art classes begin Monday

Artists of all ages from across the region are gearing up for the summer offerings at The Fitton Center for Creative Arts.

“We have a variety of classes that will be starting next week. We have our recurring favorites, things like ‘Wheel Throwing,’ and ‘Mosaics: The Joy of Breaking Glass,’ but we also have some new things that we’re offering this summer, which include ‘Improv Comedy,’ and we also have a ‘Metalsmithing Basics: Jewelry’ class that is a really cool class. We are also partnering with SOS Art to offer a free Thursday class for ages 7 to 12 focusing on ‘Community & Tolerance Through Textiles,’” said Kate Rowekamp, director of education and outreach at the Fitton Center.

The partnership with SOS Art is being offered through the Fitton Center’s Outreach program, she said. The “Community & Tolerance Through Textiles” class filled up within a day.

“I’m very excited, because we advertised the class and it filled up within a day,” Rowekamp said.

Fitton Center’s six-week, summer classes will begin Monday and run through Fri., Aug. 19. Several one-day workshops will also be offered. Fitton Center offers classes for three different youth age categories – ages 5 to 9; ages 7 to 12 and ages 12 to 16. Note: “Youth Pottery,” and “Pre-Teen Pottery” classes are sold-out. Complete details about classes and how to register are available online at

“Enrollment has been great this year, especially for summer camps. This has been the highest summer camp year enrollment that we have on record, and it’s been awesome to have so many kids in the building,” Rowekamp said.

Additionally, the Fitton Center will offer summer camps through the end of July. Some of the summer camps are already full, but there are a few that still have openings. The summer camps that still have openings include “Teen Printmaking Camp,” “Teen Creative Writing Camp,” and “Dungeon Master’s Dungeon’s & Dragons Design Camp.”

With the classes, workshops and camps being offered, participants will have an opportunity to learn something new or hone their skills in a particular area. For example, “Tiny Tile Mosaics Camp” focuses on creating mosaics. Other camps provide youth with a broader range of activities, such as “The Art of Gaming Camp,” where campers learn about sewing and drawing.

“There’s really something for everybody,” Rowekamp said. “The kids are definitely having a great time.”

She said taking a class or enrolling in a summer camp is a great way for youth to remain creative and focus their energy on something fun.

As far as other benefits, Rowekamp said kids are learning art skills and exploring various techniques. There’s also a social element, where participants are interacting with the instructor and other students. They can talk about the art they are making and work together on projects.

The Fitton Center also offers students a Scholarship Program, which was created for students of all ages. The scholarships will be available for the upcoming fall sessions, and they give participants the opportunity to experience a class at the Fitton Center. Applications are available by calling (513) 863-8873, ext. 110, or by downloading an application at Scholarships are limited to one class/workshop and one camp per student per program year. (The 21 and up workshops are exempt from the scholarship program.)

For more details on upcoming classes, the scholarship program, or to register, go to

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