’Men in Black’ reboot trailer released, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson team up again

Credit: Giles Keyte/Sony Pictures

Credit: Giles Keyte/Sony Pictures

The first trailer for the upcoming “Men in Black” spinoff has been released and it shows “Thor: Ragnarok” stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson once again teaming up to fight aliens.

The movie will be called “Men in Black International” and moves the super secret protectors of the world across the pond to England, and beyond, to protect the world from the alien threat introduced back in 1997.

Tessa Thompson is Agent M. Hemsworth is Agent H, while Emma Thompson, returning as Agent O, introduces Tessa Thompson's character to the shadow agency. Liam Neeson is also donning the black suit for a character whose name has not been revealed, but who, according to Entertainment Weekly, is the head of London's division of MIB.

The trailer also shows a glimpse of a painting featuring the original MIB team of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Fans may also notice the "Thor" actor pick up another hammer, albeit a much smaller than Mjolnir, in a battle scene, Entertainment Weekly reported.

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“Men in Black International” is expected to hit theaters June 14, 2019.

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