A breakfast coney? Skyline Chili to serve breakfast at CVG Airport location

HEBRON, Ky. — Chili for breakfast? Skyline lovers traveling through CVG Airport will have the opportunity to bite into some exclusive breakfast options before flying to their destination.

Skyline said its new location in Concourse B’s food court will have staple items like 3-ways and chilitos, as well as breakfast items for those traveling on early morning flights.

Included in the exclusive airport menu is a breakfast coney that has a sausage link, chili, egg, mustard, diced onions and shredded cheddar cheese in a bun. The new “breakfast way” will have hash brown coins topped with chili and shredded cheese.

Flyers can also enjoy a breakfast burrito with sausage or bacon, egg, cheese hash browns, onions and shredded cheese. The last breakfast menu item announced by Skyline is a breakfast chilito that will include chili, hash browns and cheese.

The Skyline Chili location in the airport is expected to be open later this year. It is brought to CVG by United Concessions Group, which currently operates CVG’s Chick-fil-A and partners with multiple other airports.

According to USA Today, Skyline is one of the top-ranked fast food chains in the U.S. based on Google reviews with an average rating of 4.43.

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