Voter Guide: Lakota School Board Member

Voter Guide

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Voter Guide

The Dayton Daily News, Springfield News-Sun and Journal-News invited local candidates to fill out the following questionnaire to inform readers.


Vanessa Wells

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Darbi Boddy

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Isaac Adi

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Russ Loges

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Kelley Casper

Education: Graduate of Western Hills High School in Cincinnati Public school district and University of Cincinnati

Current Employment: Currently between jobs

Community Involvement: I am currently the president of the Lakota Board of Education completing my first term. I am a member of the Lakota Optimist Club and am one of two area directors for a nonprofit called Neighborhood Bridges Lakota.

Why are you seeking elected office? I have been a board member for four years and have seen the great things happening in the district. I would like to continue to work alongside our superintendent and treasurer to keep Lakota strong.

Why should voters elect you? I have a passion for public education and am committed to making sure every child gets the education they deserve. I want to continue the great work that has been done in Lakota during my first term.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? My top three priorities will continue to be the safety of our staff and students, to make sure that all of our students are reaching their full academic potential, and to address the needs of our 23 buildings while being fiscally responsible.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? To continue to evaluate the superintendent’s COVID protocols to ensure our students remain in school. To support the work of the administrative team to make sure that all aspects of our students education is being met. This includes an inclusive curriculum, addressing mental health of both our students and staff, and working to recover any learning that may have been lost during the pandemic. To work with our master facilities committee to decide the best course of action for our aging buildings in a fiscally responsible manner.

Anything else? I have lived in Lakota for 23 years with my husband, Darrin. We have two children who graduated from Lakota East. I was a first and second grade teacher for several years. I will always focus on what matters most -- all Lakota students. My goal is to always balance the best interest of our students while maintaining fiscal responsibility. I am committed to keeping Lakota an amazing district.

Michael Pearl

Education: High school

Current Employment: St. Monica’s Recreation Center

Community Involvement: Boys & Girls Club West Chester/Liberty; 4031 Eagles

Why are you seeking elected office? To ensure that all kids receive the best education possible.

Why should voters elect you? Because I’m a proven leader who knows how to work with others, along with a passion for serving young people.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? That all kids receive the best education in a safe environment. Continue the process in providing state of the art facilities within a reasonable cost. Embrace the district’s diversity ensuring all kids have the opportunity to succeed.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? Work with stakeholders, communicate with residents.

Anything else? I’m a passionate proven leader with plenty of experience seeking public office who will work relentlessly to serve in the best interest of the district.

Karine Chausse

Education: Bachelor’s, University of Cincinnati

Current Employment: Bilingual client relations

Community Involvement: N\A

Why are you seeking elected office? I’m running for school board not as a politician, but a mother with a kids first and politics last agenda.

Why should voters elect you? I am not a politician, and I put the kids first.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? Education not indoctrination, parental choice, fiscal responsibility.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? Lakota is as diverse as a community can get. if we teach the golden rule, along with math science, language arts and history, we won’t need to waste time and money on political agendas. Parents and their family doctor can choose what is best for the child.

Anything else? I am honest and not afraid to speak truth. If you don’t want political agendas running the school board, please vote for me on Nov. 2.

Douglas Horton

Education: Master’s in business administration and Master’s in public policy, University of Michigan; Bachelor’s of arts in English, University of Texas

Current Employment: Director of sports marketing at Procter & Gamble

Community Involvement: Eight-year representative on Lakota District Parent Council; executive board member for Union PTSO; cub master for Cub Scout Pack 940; member Lakota East Athletic Boosters; past executive board member for Liberty ECS PTA; past member for Hopewell ECS, and Hopewell Jr. PTSO.

Why are you seeking elected office? I chose to run for the Lakota Board of Education to support the students, teachers and taxpayers of our district. For the past 18 months, our schools and families have faced numerous challenges. However, the solutions they have created are also providing options for the future. I want to leverage these new capabilities to expand student services.

Why should voters elect you? I believe my business leadership experience at P&G, my education consisting of two Master’s degrees, one in business administration and one in public policy, and my nearly decade of volunteering in the district at both the school and administration level all have prepared me to help grow, expand and advocate for Lakota schools.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? My top priorities for the district are: 1. Expanding student services for all students 2. Supporting our teachers and 3. Preserving and extending Lakota’s nine-year streak of having a balanced budget.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? In the short term, I want to provide extra support for our students academically. The past two years have challenged our students, and academic progress across the U.S. has slowed. I want to implement targeted interventions to address specific student performance both within and outside of the school day. For the longer term, I want to grow our teachers to have more certifications in areas like gifted services and college-level Advanced Placement subject areas. I also want to improve the consistency of delivering special education services. All of this should come without creating deficits in our overall yearly budgets. We can do this by slowing the growth of our cash reserves (over $113 million) and rainy day fund (over $5 million), which are at all-time highs for Lakota.

Anything else? The Lakota community has consistently maintained that they want board members who have kids in the district and are not political. My daughter is a freshman at Lakota East, and my son is a fifth grader at Union. Both of them have attended Lakota schools for their entire academic career, and my wife and I have volunteered in Lakota schools throughout that time. My campaign for the board is entirely my own. I have no endorsements, nor have I accepted any financing from any political party.