City of Springboro places income tax renewal levy on November election ballot

In addition to voters choosing a mayor, city council members and school board members in the November election, Springboro voters will decide on the renewal of a 0.5% income tax.

Springboro City Council on Thursday approved placing the income tax renewal on the Nov. 7 general election ballot, following three public readings. If approved, the 0.5% portion of the city income tax would be extended from 2024 through 2044. Springboro’s total city income tax rate is 1.5%.

In late June, City Manager Chris Pozzuto recommended placing the income tax renewal on the November ballot as it will expire at the end of this year. This income tax renewal is the first time in 35 years that the income tax issue will be on the ballot for the city, he said.

Pozzuto said the 0.5% income tax is tied to water and sewer treatment plant improvements completed in 1988 along with other ongoing capital improvements. He said the current 0.5% income tax will expire when those water and sewer improvements are paid off at the end of the year. Pozzuto said the income tax generates about $5.6 million each year.

“From a capital improvements standpoint, a renewal is necessary to keep city operations running as they have been,” he said. “If voters approve, it will not raise taxes.”

Mayor John Agenbroad said council opted to seek a renewal because they did not want to raise taxes and the revenue is needed to maintain city services such as road paving, parks and other capital improvements.

“A ‘yes’ vote in November will maintain the high level of services and will not raise taxes,” Agenbroad said.

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