Are Ultra HD 4K TVs worth the money?

Just when you thought TVs couldn't get any better, they've gotten 4 times better and 20 times more expensive!

TV manufacturers have been crushed by the price competition today to buy a TV. I saw an ad recently for a 55-inch LED for $500. The price points are just unreal. But if you're a TV manufacturer and you're in a break-even or even loss leader business, you need to invent the next big thing.

Ultra HD is the next big thing. The first Ultra HD TVs are now appearing starting at $25,000. They give a picture that is closest to looking through a window we've ever seen. It's essentially 4 times as sharp as the highest definition TV sold today. Of course, there's no programming available for these things yet. So thank goodness for early adopters who want the bragging rights.

Because the next generation of TV is already coming on horizon, you shouldn't buy a zillion dollar TV of the state of the art variety. Instead, buy the cheapest rot gut TV in the size and technology you prefer instead of reaching for what appears to be the latest and greatest.

Follow these price points on current technology and you won't get burned when it is time to buy new technology:  60-inch TVs should be bought for less than $999; 42-inch for less than $499; and 32-inch for $199 or less.

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