Box manufacturer fully operational and looking to hire

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Spanish box maker looks to hire 10 now at Hamilton plant, with a goal of having 120 total employees by end of 2023

A corrugated box manufacturer has opened its first United States operations in Hamilton and the company is looking to add employees.

Saica Pack, a Spanish-based corrugated box manufacturer at 2995 McBride Court in Hamilton, has an immediate need to hire 10 people, which would put them at 50 total employees, but Gonzalo Aragües, the industrial project manager for Saica, said by the end of 2023 the capacity goal is to have 120.

The hiring is needed to help ramp up the corrugated box maker to three shifts. Currently, its operating just one shift to accommodate 32 clients, said Aragües. The 360,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, which is considered a “smart warehouse” due to the state-of-the-art machinery and storage area, could have an exponential number of clients.

“Typically, one of these similar plants that we have in Europe could have 1,000 clients,” Aragües said. “We could have very big ones, like Proctor & Gamble, and then we have small ones that are close to here and have a small volume.”

In addition to a state-of-the art corrugator ― the machine that puts the “waves” in the cardboard product, the plant will have a production capacity that exceeds 1,500 MSF/year of corrugated board. Additionally, the plant has two converters, which shape, cut, fold, glue and print corrugated cardboard. Aragües said they plan to install two additional converters at a cost of around $5 million each. That will bring them up to four converters. They have a small converter for small and local businesses, he said.

The company was able to complete some orders at the end of 2021, and are now fully operational, which Akin Burak Onder, Saica’s U.S. general manager, said is a new milestone for the company.

“We have invested in the technology, equipment and people needed to bring performance packaging solutions to this market,” he said. “Our offering can help businesses be more cost-effective and efficient.”

The company chose to come to Hamilton for “many things,” Aragües said. The potential customer base in the region was a main point of interest, he said.

It was also because of Hamilton, as they “were very eager to help us and work with us. They’ve given us many opportunities to build a facility here.”

Additionally, the workforce possibilities added to the calculus to choose Hamilton.

Although the Hamilton warehouse isn’t done adding equipment and hiring staff, Aragües said they’re looking at the next project — the company’s second U.S. facility.

Saica will announce the second U.S. plant location, either in Ohio or Indiana, in the coming months. This was part of a previously announced $800 million investment the company plans for the U.S. market, growing through strategic acquisitions or new plant construction during the next five years, as part of its global strategy.

“This has been a challenging project but, at the same time, very rewarding, we are so thankful for all the support received. We are convinced that we can provide products that will differentiate us in a crowded market”, said Saica Group President Ramón Alejandro.

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