Two Ohio Republican delegates drop out of the convention

Credit: Laura Bischoff

Ross McGregor of Springfield and Shannon Jones of Clearcreek Twp. resigned as delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month.

McGregor, a local business owner and former state lawmaker, reported to the Ohio Republican Party that he'll be traveling and unable to attend while Jones is stepping aside because she says she can't stomach the idea of voting for real estate billionaire Donald Trump.

"It is like a nightmare. It is hard for me to talk about and think about it," said Jones of Trump's likely nomination for president by the Republican Party.

Jones has been an outspoken critic of Trump's controversial statements on women, Muslims, Latinos, people with disabilities and others.

McGregor could not be immediately reached for comment.

Ohio sends 66 delegates to the convention. Only McGregor and Jones have said they're unable to attend, said Ohio Republican Party spokeswoman Brittany Warner. The party will work with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who won the Ohio primary, to select replacement delegates, she said.

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