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7 crazy facts about Super Tuesday

OK, political junkies all stayed up to find out who won Alaska Wednesday morning, but have we really looked at the numbers on Super Tuesday results?

There was some crazy statistics hidden behind the wins and losses. Here's a look at the highlights.

Marco Rubio finally won!

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who many think is the establishment alternative to Donald Trump, finally won a state on Tuesday - Minnesota. However, he did not come in below 3rd in any state Tuesday night.

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Trump had some big statewide wins

Trump managed to not only win some states, but in some he won every county or nearly all of them. In Alabama and Massachusetts he won every county. In Tennessee he won every county but one in suburban Nashville.


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The South was clearly Clinton country

Hillary Clinton won most southern states by huge margins against Bernie Sanders. She won more than 70 percent of the vote and every county in Alabama. She won more than 70 percent of the vote and all but one county in Georgia. She won every county in Arkansas that reported as of 4 a.m. Wednesday. She won all but 4 counties in Tennessee.

The Northeast loves Kasich, the South not so much

Ohio Gov. John Kasich still hasn't won any states, but on Tuesday he came in second in Vermont and Massachusetts. He came in second a few weeks ago in New Hampshire. I guess it balances out the fact that people in the South don't seem to like him. He came in 5th, behind Ben Carson Tuesday in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Sanders is loved at home

Bernie Sanders won 86 percent of the vote in Vermont. It is unlikely any other candidate will get anywhere near that in their home state on either side. He also scored wins in Colorado, Oklahoma and Minnesota.

Trump came in 3rd place for the first time

The state of Minnesota gave Donald Trump his first 3rd place finish of the entire election. Marco Rubio won and Ted Cruz came in second.

The fall of Ben Carson

Just a few months ago, Ben Carson was toward the top in the national polls. On Super Tuesday, he was 4th or 5th in every state. His best performance was in Alabama where he won 10 percent of the vote. His worst was in Massachusetts where he got 2.5 percent.

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