11 weeks to Election Day


With eleven weeks to go until the November elections, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are focused today on getting money from supporters in favorable territory, as Clinton will hold a second day of fundraising in California, and Trump goes to the reliably Red state of Texas for a fundraiser and rally.

Monday night, former NBA star Magic Johnson helped host an event for Clinton; today she will mingle with famous Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston for a pair of fundraisers.

Clinton has no public campaign events scheduled this week until Thursday, when she will be in Nevada; she did use her trip to Hollywood to make a stop with Jimmy Kimmel.

Trump meanwhile will hold a rally today in Austin, Texas, and visit Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday - two places in Red states that really aren't part of any pool of election swing states.

Those two events - sandwiched around a quick visit to Tampa, Florida, raised some eyebrows in Washington, D.C..

Long time listeners will remember my line - "the schedule tells a story" - and for Clinton and Trump, this week's schedule certainly does give us some insight:

+ Clinton is focused on fundraising now, knowing she won't have as much time for it in another month

+ Trump is also focused on raising money, but every day when he is not in a swing state is a day lost to the sands of time

Trump was supposed to do events this week in Denver and Las Vegas, but those were scrapped - as were visits next week to Oregon and Washington State.

He was showing no signs of worry on Monday night at a rally in Ohio, as Trump several times predicted a big win in November.

Meanwhile, Trump is finally getting ads up on television in swing states - but he is well behind Clinton in terms of how much money his campaign has spent on TV.

And the polling averages in swing states are showing just how far Trump has to climb to catch Clinton.

You can see that four years ago, Obama barely led in Virginia and Colorado, had a small edge in New Hampshire, and was way ahead in Pennsylvania.

Four years later, Clinton is up big in all four of those states.

Eleven weeks to go. A lot can still change, but for now, the edge is clearly to Clinton over Trump.

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