Virginia Governor denies favors for wife of top FBI official

Several days after a Wall Street Journal report that Democrats in Virginia had given a large amount of money to the wife of the deputy director of the FBI in order to help her campaign for a state Senate seat in Virginia, the Democratic Governor of that state lashed out at the story, saying the woman had been recruited well before an FBI probe into Hillary Clinton's email.

"Put your tin foil hat on," said Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) in a regular appearance on WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C., as he said Dr. Jill McCabe had been recruited by other Democratic leaders in early 2015.

"This happened before any knowledge of any emails actually came out," McAuliffe said, who said the article drawing a line between his help for McCabe and the Clinton email probe was nothing but shoddy journalism, the "silly season" before Election Day.

McAuliffe's political action committee helped direct over $467,000 to McCabe for her campaign.

"We supported her...because she was a great candidate," McAuliffe said.

McAuliffe said if he wanted to have given Dr. McCabe a favor, he would have appointed her to a college board or something similar, and not subjected her to the rigors of a campaign.

But because of McAuliffe lengthy ties to the Clintons, he admitted all of this is getting extra election year attention.

"I mean, listen, I'm a big boy, I live in the Clinton Bat Cave along with everybody else," the Governor said.

Asked about this year's campaign for President, McAuliffe was very upbeat, predicting a big win for Clinton, and not publicly saying he was worried about a late bid for his state by Trump.

"I encourage him to spend all the money he can," the Governor said on WTOP Radio. "We are going to beat him in Virginia.

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