Trump makes play for series of Blue states

With just over a week left in the race for President, Donald Trump is making campaign stops in a series of states that up to now have been considered solidly in the column of Hillary Clinton, as the Republican nominee makes a late play for what would be some key Electoral Votes in November.

Trump on Sunday held a rally in New Mexico, a state that has gone to the Democrats in five of the last six elections - George W. Bush last was able to win it for the GOP in his re-election bid in 2004.

"We're going to win New Mexico," Trump declared to cheers at an airport rally on Sunday night, as his campaign staff talked up this broader map.

Trump will try to expand the election map even more on Monday, as he's slated to hold two rallies in Michigan, a state that he won handily in the GOP primary - but, not one poll since the party conventions has shown Trump ahead.

Republicans have not won in Michigan in the race for President since 1988; not even Mitt Romney - a Michigan native - could do the trick.

Here is the rundown of recent polls from Michigan:

On Tuesday, Trump will hold a rally in Wisconsin, a state that hasn't gone to the GOP since 1984 - the polls there have been the same as in Michigan - all Clinton, and none showing Trump ahead.

But there has been evidence that Democrats are a bit nervous about Wisconsin; Tim Kaine has two stops in that state set for Tuesday, and Democratic groups are pouring more money into a race for U.S. Senate there.

While Trump backers say it's evidence of an expanding electoral map, there are pollsters and strategists who argue it's a waste of time, like Matt McDermott:

We will find out in just over a week whether this Trump move is a long shot strategy that works, or just a late Hail Mary that did not succeed.

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