Trump keeps attacking House GOP Speaker

With Election Day just three weeks away, Donald Trump is not just turning his rhetorical fire only on Democrats and Hillary Clinton, as he keeps jabbing at House Speaker Paul Ryan, criticizing Ryan and other GOP leaders for not fully embracing Trump's bid for the White House.

And with a Trump rally scheduled in Ryan's home state of Wisconsin on Monday night, there may be even more tough words for the Republican Party's leader in Congress.

"We have Paul Ryan, always fighting the Republican nominee," Trump tweeted on Sunday, one of a series of tweets that blasted the Republican Speaker in recent days.

Trump has not only hit Ryan on social media, but also at campaign rallies.

The attacks on Ryan have not garnered support from all Republicans, like ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who a few days ago labeled Trump's criticism of Ryan, "frankly pathetic."

Since telling fellow GOP lawmakers to run against Trump if they needed to do that in order to win re-election, Trump has lashed out repeatedly at Ryan, while the Speaker has kept quiet about the Republican nominee for President, instead emphasizing GOP agenda items.

If you go to Ryan's Twitter feed, you will see that he is cranking out videos like this over and over, but not saying a word about Trump.

Last week, Ryan took questions from a group of College Republicans, and reporters back on Capitol Hill were salivating at the thought of someone asking about Trump - but no one did.

So, while Trump is going after the Speaker, Ryan is trying to focus only on keeping the GOP majority in the Congress.

Even if that happens, he might not be Speaker in January, depending on the reaction of fellow GOP lawmakers.

And Donald Trump.

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