Trump, Clinton move into home stretch

With just ten days to go in the race for the White House, the battle plans of each campaign are coming squarely into focus, as we can see where one side might trying to shore up support, while the other is taking a shot at a state that maybe wasn't in their original campaign plan in the final days of the 2016 campaign.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ended their day in Iowa on Friday - Trump on Saturday will stump for votes in Colorado and Arizona, while Clinton has two events in Florida.

What stands out about the Saturday schedule is Trump being in Arizona. That is a state that went for Democrats in 1948 with Truman, and in 1996 with Bill Clinton.

Other than that, it's been all Republican. In other words, this is a state where Trump is having to play defense.

So far, at least, Democrats have been getting their people to the polls and making Arizona into a competitive race - when it hasn't been for years.

"Arizona ain't an indulgence," said Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon. "It's a true battleground. Perhaps even more favorable-looking right now than some other places we've been on TV."

One other thing in favor of Democrats in Arizona is that they have a good ground game - while Trump does not.

Trump will also be in Nevada on Saturday, where Democrats have also done better in early voting; Clinton has held a lead there in the polls for several months.

Clinton will spend her Saturday in Florida, making two stops. She'll send President Obama to the Sunshine State next week - and Donald Trump will also go there as well.

Just stop for a minute and put on your campaign strategy hat - where would you send your candidate over the next 10 days?

Excluding Arizona, the basic choices would seem to be these 9 swing states:

+ New Hampshire

+ Pennsylvania

+ Virginia

+ North Carolina

+ Florida

+ Ohio

+ Iowa

+ Colorado

+ Nevada

Where do you go? It's not an easy answer for either party.

Meanwhile, there were other tea leaves to read, like reports that the Clinton Campaign is buying TV time in Wisconsin - for the first time since the primary there in April.

Trump has held rallies there several times; the move comes as some Democrats have been worried that they haven't closed out the Senate race there against incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).

So, is this just a protective move? Or, are the Democrats really worried about losing Wisconsin?

At this point, we know more about Clinton's schedule over the next week:

Trump will be in Las Vegas, Colorado and New Mexico on Sunday.

New Mexico is a state that would be a bonus for Trump, as it's been in the hands of Democrats in recent years - those would be five pretty big Electoral Votes for Trump, if he could pull an upset.

Democrats feel they have the edge in Nevada and Colorado.

But do they? We'll see in another ten days.

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