Trump campaign demands halt to Coronavirus ad

The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump on Wednesday demanded that television stations not air an produced by a political action committee 'formed by Barack Obama loyalists" were attacking the President with 'deliberately false and misleading' political advertisement.

"PUSA (Priorities USA Action Fund) stitched together fragments from multiple speeches by President Trump to fraudulently and maliciously imply that President Trump called the coronavirus outbreak a 'hoax,'" read a cease and desist letter released by the Trump campaign.

While the letter from the Trump campaign focuses entirely on the 'hoax' issue, the advertisement only mentions it quickly, as part of a series of sound bites of the President talking about the Coronavirus issue, as the group portrays a President who is understating the threat of the virus.

"It's one person coming in from China," the President says, with his words typed out on the screen, as the ad samples statements from the President starting in January, and going into March.

"One day, it's like a miracle, it will disappear," Mr. Trump's voice says at another point.

Here is the ad from Priorities USA which the Trump campaign wants blocked.

As for the issue of the President's use of the word 'hoax' - he did say that at a campaign rally in South Carolina at the end of February, arguing that Democrats were simply attacking him in a continuation of their efforts to impeach him.

"They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation," the President said at the rally, arguing Democrats had failed.

"And this is their new hoax," Mr. Trump said.

Another Super PAC helping former Vice President Joe Biden is also out with a Coronavirus ad - which also mentions the 'hoax' statement as well.

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