The DC press corps preps for changes under a President Trump

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office and becomes President on January 20, 2017, his arrival at the White House could bring about some changes in how an administration deals with the press corps, as many Trump supporters argue that it's time to push back against what they feel is a group of Washington, D.C. reporters who are basically an opposition party.

"They are so dishonest," Mr. Trump likes to say of the press at his post-election rallies, clearly enjoying the moment as the crowd boos and insults rain down on those inside the press pen.

What kind of changes could we see at the White House for the news media?

Think of it this way - whenever you get a new boss in the office, some things change. At times it is for the good, sometimes it isn't.

We will get to watch the Trump team up close over the next few years to see just how much “new” there is at the White House when it comes to dealing with the press, and how much of it really works.

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