No shortage of enthusiasm for Trump in PA

From Youngstown, Pennsylvania -

Just a couple of good golf shots from Arnold Palmer's famed Latrobe County Club, horns honk, there are shouts of encouragement, and hundreds of people stop each day to get their picture taken outside a home painted with the stars and stripes, a house which has become almost a campaign shrine to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

"I never realized it was going to go this viral," Leslie Rossi said with a big smile, as people pulled in and out of the driveway around the house she owns on Pennsylvania state road 982.

"I didn't set out to do this - I'm a mother of eight. I just really like Mr. Trump and support him, and I think he's a great opportunity for our nation."

Not only did the 46 year old Rossi get her house painted red, white and blue, and adorn it with Trump signs, but there's also a giant 20-foot cutout of Trump in the front yard as well.

"I've never been political in my life; I never even put a sign in my yard," Rossi said, explaining that after the 2012 election, she decided she needed to do more to get involved in the political system.

And when my Washington colleague Dorey Scheimer asked Rossi about Hillary Clinton, we got a pretty basic answer.

"I'm repulsed by her."

As we chatted with Rossi, all sorts of people continued to arrive, by car, truck and motorcycle; Rossi greeted all of them with a happy smile, volunteering to take their pictures and help them get some souvenirs from her shop in the back of the house.

"I've met fascinating people," Rossi said. "It's changed my life, it's changed my children's lives."

"Democrats are going to make us win this election, because they are mad and frustrated - and they're voting Trump."

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