Republicans face critical week in Congress on tax reform

GOP leaders in the Congress hope to take a major step forward on tax reform legislation this week, as Republicans plan a vote in the House on a GOP tax package, with the focus again on a small group of lawmakers who have opposed certain details of the plan, while a Senate committee begins work on a slightly different version of tax reform.

Here is what to look for this week:

+ Senate Finance Committee starts markup on Monday

+ House Rules Committee meets on Wednesday

+ House debate on tax reform could begin on Thursday

+ GOP would like a vote on Thursday in the House.

+ Senate Finance should approve tax reform bill by Thursday.

+ House and Senate would go home for a Thanksgiving break, return the week of November 27.

+ The goal would be Senate approval of a tax reform bill in early December.

+ Next would be a House-Senate conference to iron out the differences.

+ Then a final vote before Christmas.

Ambitious? Yes. Could it go off the rails? Sure. Could it get done by Christmas? Yes. Stay tuned.

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