Making Your Voices Heard

We have witnessed in recent years how a groundswell of public opinion can change the course of legislation, as voters call and write their lawmakers to demand action.

So far, I haven't seen major evidence that this is occurring on the stimulus bill, but there is still time for it to develop.

One Senate press secretary told me on Thursday that they are getting calls, but it hasn't been an avalanche by any means.

"I'd say we're getting a good number," was the report.  "Last week, there was a campaign telling us to support the "Obama jobs bill." This week the calls are on the other side."

One of those with some first hand knowledge of the situation was Cameron Vaught of Alpharetta, Georgia.

"My wife, despite a dozen attempts, could not get through to the congressional switchboard yesterday to voice her comments." Vaught wrote in an email. 

"Perhaps there are indeed more active public voices trying to be heard that you might think?"

Perhaps there

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