Highlights of the House Stimulus Bill

A lot of people have been emailing me asking for more information about the stimulus legislation in the Congress, as the debate on this shifts over to the Senate.

You can look at the House version of the bill at http://www.rules.house.gov/111/LegText/111_hr1_text.pdf

Here is a general run down of the provisions as put together by the Associated Press.

By The Associated Press
   Highlights of the $819 billion economic recovery plan passed by the House. Additional debt costs would add $347 billion over 10 years. Many provisions expire in two years.
   Aid to the poor and unemployed -- $43 billion to provide extended unemployment benefits through Dec. 31, increase them by $25 a week and provide job training;
   $20 billion to increase food stamp benefits by 13 percent;
   $4 billion to provide a one-time additional Supplemental Security Income payment;
   $2.5 billion in temporary welfare payments;
   $1 billion for home heating subsidies;
   and $1 billion for community action agencies.

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