GOP border security bill delayed in House

With looming questions about internal support for a limited border security bill amongst House Republicans, GOP leaders bumped the measure from this week's legislative schedule in the U.S. House, and did not immediately give lawmakers an idea as to when it might be revived.

The move came as House leaders delayed votes set for Monday becuase of a large winter storm going up the East Coast, which also bumped the border security bill from this week's legislative plans.

"This is a change from the previously announced schedule," a note to lawmakers blandly explained.

A Monday evening meeting of the House Rules Committee on the "Secure Our Borders First Act" was also delayed; no new date was given.

The change in plans came as some more conservative Republicans had argued the border security bill didn't do enough to rein in illegal immigration.

GOP leaders had argued this bill, which would have forced the Obama Administration to gain full control of the southern border within five years, was just one piece of their immigration effort.

Democrats quickly celebrated the decision to delay work on the bill:

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