Fundraiser In Chief Hits The Road

While Congress is out of town this week, President Bush will use the down time to hit two states today and raise some money for the campaigns of Republican candidates in November.

Mr. Bush's first stop is in Mississippi, where Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) is running to fill out the term of former Sen. Trent Lott, who resigned last year and became a lobbyist.

Wicker was a Congressman at the time, and was tapped by Gov. Haley Barbour (R) to replace Lott.  Six months ago, you would have gotten few bets that Wicker would be in a tough election.

But times have changed.

Wicker's completely safe GOP seat in the Congress went to the Democrats in a special election earlier this year, as Travis Childers won a surprise victory and a seat in the U.S. House.

Mr. Bush will drop into the state capital in Jackson to headline a fundraiser for Wicker, who is being challenged by former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.

Some polls have even shown Musgrove ahead in that race, something that would be an amazing upset for Democrats, who haven't held one of the two Senate seats from the Magnolia State since 1989, when Sen. John Stennis left after serving 41 years in the Senate.

Let's just say this: If Democrats are winning Senate seats in Mississippi, this is going to be a blowout year for them at all levels.

But there is a lot of time still left until November 4.

After his stop in Mississippi, Mr. Bush goes to Arkansas, where he will raise money for the GOP at a private home in Little Rock.

Tickets are reportedly $150 for the fundraiser, but you can get your picture taken with the President for a cool $5,000 according to the Associated Press.

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