Democrats backing impeachment steadily rising in House

Back in their home districts on an extended summer break, the drip-drip sound Democrats hear is not coming from the watering the plants, but rather from the halls of the Congress, where more and more Democratic members of the House are publicly announcing their support for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

A flurry of announcements were made on Thursday, as a series of Democrats said they would back an impeachment inquiry by the House Judiciary Committee, bringing the total number to 135 - more than a majority of Democrats in the House.

"I cannot ignore the call to defend our institutions, to safeguard our democratic norms, and to stand up for our democracy," said Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) on Thursday afternoon.

A few hours earlier, Rep. William Keating of Massachusetts told his Bay State constituents that the Mueller Report left too many unanswered questions about the President, accusing the White House of stonewalling legitimate Congressional oversight.

"No person in America is above the law, including the President of the United States," said Rep. Lauren Underwood, a freshman Democrat from Illinois.

"I support moving forward with an impeachment inquiry, which will continue to uncover the facts for the American people and hold this president accountable," said Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM), the fourth ranking Democrat in the House.

"This is not a position I’ve reached lightly," Lujan said earlier this week.

When Democrats left town four weeks ago for their six week summer break, the number of lawmakers endorsing the start of an impeachment idea was nowhere near 100.

But it's been creeping up on almost a daily basis - and more lawmakers seem likely to join in the weeks ahead.

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