Clinton labels Trump "unhinged"

Hours after Donald Trump used a series of tweets to attack a former Miss Universe, Hillary Clinton labeled the GOP nominee "unhinged" over his early morning social media jabs, as Clinton allies said it was more evidence that Trump could be easily baited and distracted as President.

"What kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?" Clinton said on Twitter.

"When something gets under Donald's thin skin, he lashes out and can't let go. This is dangerous for a president," Clinton added, as her Democratic supporters drove home that message.

"There is no strategy, there has never been one," said Dan Pfeiffer, once a top aide to President Obama. "It's all just the rantings of spoiled rich kid who should be nowhere near the nuclear codes."

While Trump attracted a lot of attention on Friday morning over his tweets, Clinton did not mention the latest Trump attacks on former Miss Universe Alicia Machado during the first of two rallies today in Florida - though she did needle Trump.

"My opponent believes in what I call a 'strongman' approach," Clinton said, as she warned that Trump is too admiring of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

"He stood on that stage at his convention and described a hopeless, broken nation," Clinton said. "I don't see that."

Since Monday's debate, Trump has turned up his stump speech attacks on Clinton, while Clinton has seemed to tone down hers, spending more time on policy choices than her Republican opponents, and that was true in her first stop in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Clinton's first rally in Florida focused on a message of national service, as she urged an expansion of the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and other service programs.

"I'm trying to end the campaign focusing on issues that are really close to my heart and this is one," Clinton said to applause.

But Clinton could also not resist throwing one more verbal barb at Trump, either.

"Do we listen and respect each other, or do we scapegoat, point fingers and insult each other?" Clinton asked to cheers.

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