Clinton hits Trump hard in Florida stop

With Democrats feeling increasingly optimistic about the race for President in the key swing state of Florida, Hillary Clinton began a two day swing through the Sunshine State by urging her supporters not to leave any stone unturned in the effort to win in November.

"I feel good, but boy, I'm not taking anything for granted," Clinton said to cheers.

"I have to say, nobody should want to wake up on November 9th and wonder whether there was more you could have done," Clinton said, as she took a number of verbal swings at Donald Trump, charging that Trump's "final target is democracy itself."

"The first thing a President does is take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, and I have serious doubts about whether Donald Trump even understands what that means," Clinton said in one of many jabs, as she clearly stepped up her rhetoric against Trump at this stop.

Clinton also mocked Trump as she invoked the name of George Washington, and his refusal to become "King" of the United States.

"Donald Trump would have probably called him a loser," Clinton said.

When Clinton wasn't attacking Trump, she was using a familiar formula in recent days, taking an extended chunk of time at this rally to push the candidacy of a Democrat running for U.S. Senate - this time, it was Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL), who is running against Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

"Patrick Murphy has never been afraid to stand up to Donald Trump," Clinton said.

Clinton's stop in Broward County, north of Miami and near Fort Lauderdale, was not only timed to the start of early voting in Florida, but the location of Tuesday's rally was just steps from an early voting site.

"You can go across the street right now to the North Regional Library and cast your ballot today," Clinton said.

"What a coincidence," said Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon.

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