Clinton emphasizes early vote in Florida

With a second straight day of campaign stops in south Florida, Hillary Clinton urged supporters there to take advantage of early voting in the Sunshine State, as she celebrated her birthday on the campaign trail by stressing a big get-out-the-vote effort for Democrats in that key swing state.

"Thank you so much for singing to me," Clinton said after the crowd marked her 69th birthday with signs and more.

"I love your signs - that's great! Vote early, Florida!" Clinton said to cheers.

As she did on Tuesday, Clinton hit hard at Trump in her first stop on Wednesday, mocking his knowledge of U.S. history and government.

"I truly doubt that he has ever read the Constitution," Clinton said. "Or, if he did, back in school, he certainly doesn't remember it."

But Clinton's swing through Florida was buffeted by a bit of bad polling news, as a new Bloomberg survey showed her behind Donald Trump by two points - though some other polls showed her with a strong lead.

That same poll showed Sen. Marco Rubio up by 10 points in his race for another term in the Senate, a race the GOP needs to win to have any hope of keeping control of the U.S. Senate.

If you are wondering why Clinton is focusing so much time on southern Florida, all you have to do is look back at the 2012 and 2008 elections, to see how Barack Obama churned out huge numbers, which offset a stronger GOP showing in other parts of the state.

There are three main counties along the east coast there - Palm Beach County, Broward (home to Fort Lauderdale) and Miami-Dade.

In 2012, Obama won Palm Beach County by 102,000 votes, Broward County by 264,000 and Miami-Dade County by 208,000.

Obama won the entire state of Florida by just 73,000 votes.

On Election Night, watch the returns to see if Clinton can replicate those numbers.

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