Bobby Jindal drops out of GOP race

Unable to break through in the race for the Republican nomination for President, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana gave up on his bid for the White House on Tuesday, as the winnowing of the GOP field continued, with two and half months until the Iowa Caucus.

"I cannot tell you what an honor it has been to run for President of the United States of America," Jindal said in a statement that he posted on Facebook.

Jindal found himself mired way down in the national polls, as he was on the pre-debate stage in each of the four Republican debates held in 2015.

His poll numbers had shown some life in Iowa; but it wasn't enough to save his candidacy.

"I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity," Jindal said. "We cannot settle for The Left’s view of envy and division."

Jindal had taken on an increasingly bitter tone in the debates, using the last gathering to repeatedly take shots at Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

"I'll give you a ribbon for participation, and a juice box," as Jindal mocked Christie's claim that he had cut the size of government in the Garden State.

Back in June, Jindal tried to get some attention by using a speech in Washington, D.C. to take repeated swings at GOP front runner Donald Trump.

"He's an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself," Jindal said, repeatedly ripping into Trump.

But it had no impact.

In recent weeks, Jindal had watched his time in office become a campaign issue in the race to succeed him; one poll out in recent days gave him a 70 percent unpopular rating.

Jindal's departure is yet another sign of how the large GOP field continues to contract - before even one vote has been cast.

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