Some perspective on Ohio State’s offensive performance against Penn State

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Remember when Ohio State unveiled some new wrinkles in the passing game against Army and people were like, “But will it work against Penn State?”

Now we have our answer.

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Is that exactly a fair comparison? Maybe not, but it’s amusing enough to share.

Besides, that was always the wrong question.

Ohio State’s offense was objectively bad against Oklahoma (and before that Clemson and Michigan and Michigan State...) because of terrible flaws in how the Buckeyes were attacking teams.

Against Army, the Buckeyes didn’t just do what they had been doing in previous weeks and see it work because the Black Knights aren’t as talented.

They sowed the seeds of schematic change that were harvested Saturday. Ohio State scored more points and gained almost as many yards against the Nittany Lions as it did against Army

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