Random thoughts: Walkup songs, Shrek, cat litter, etc.

I watched the Reds throughout April and May, and yet I almost can’t believe how bad the Royals are. And the Orioles have an even worse record than KC!

Did you see the list of Reds walkup songs? I think I've heard like four of them.

I’ve always said mine would be “

ExploreHarvester of Sorrow

” by Metallica, but I might have found a new one lately: “

” by Brantley Gilbert.

Along those lines... Seems like some media folks have decided to follow the (ill-fated) route of the music industry by taking every “hit” (successful/actually well done story) then making a bunch of crap to try to capitalize off its popularity whether or not anyone wanted to hear more of the same thing or more on the same topic or not. Sad.

I wonder how many gubernatorial votes a person in Ohio could get simply by running against Campus Partners. If I were president, I would reverse pardon CP so hard you couldn’t believe it. (And if reverse pardons aren’t a thing, I’d invent them.)

Can you believe how many people have terrible tattoos?

I find it very weird SI printed a tribute to Peter King, whose exit cements the end of the magazine’s glorious run as a relevant media entity. But it made my decision to let my subscription lapse a little easier.

I was watching Game 3 of the NBA Finals on about a 40-minute delay and Taco Bell ruined it for me with a push alert about free tacos. What a world.

I think they’re paying the guests to be terrible on this season of Below Deck Med.

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

I believe the product on the right is new. In that case, doesn't this make you feel like we've been getting ripped off by the one on the left all along?

The prevailing thought being it’s ok for LeBron to leave the Cavs now tells me the loser mentality is even more ingrained in Cleveland sports than I realized. I'm not advocating burning jerseys or sending angry teenage breakup emails, but Cavs fans should expect him to want to stay and build something.

I still think he ends up remaining with the Cavs because he won’t find a better basketball situation anywhere else and if all else is equal, that’s where he’d rather be. The latter part is a foreign concept to many commentators on this matter.

The college baseball tournament umpire who didn’t grant an Auburn batter first base when he refused to avoid getting hit in the elbow by a pitch is they type of hero we need in these uncertain times.

The Reds have made zero case for Jim Riggleman to be retained as manager. They’re still terrible fundamentally.

Shrek is on Netflix now. I forgot how weird that movie is, but the tunes really strike a chord with 2-year-olds apparently.

Speaking of tunes... how about Luke Bryan? After years of making horrible Nashville computer-generated garbage music, the rest of country music has moved so far toward mainstream pop (and even some hip hop, which is better than pop, but that ain’t saying much) he’s become more palatable. And yet this tour coming to GABP (I saw an ad during the Reds broadcasts) might be the worst tour ever assembled.

I can only assume Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett were created as examples for Luke Bryan to be able to say, “See how much worse it could be? These computers get it wrong all the time!”

Rhett and Bryan both played in Ohio on Saturday night, making it likely the worst music night in our fine state’s history.

On the bright side: Former Ohio State student Dwight Yoakam has his own channel on satellite radio now.

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