Early signing period could be good for college football if done right

Friday morning come reports an early signing period for college football is closer to reality after gaining approval from the NCAA Division I council.

It still has to go through one more legislative hoop, but what does it mean if it becomes reality?

Players who have gone through the process for a year or more and are certain of their college choice can avoid the last month and a half of extra attention by signing in late December.

The rest can continue on as they always have, using January to do final evaluations of their choices before signing on the first Wednesday in February.

The December date is far better than a proposed one for the summer because in football a lot can change during a prospect's senior year.

Some stagnate while many are just beginning to blossom and find themselves with more big-time opportunities than they had with only their junior film and summer camp work to represent their potential.

As Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has argued countless times, it is vital the senior season remains a part of the evaluation process.

However, if players sign early their letter should include a standard clause allowing them to re-open their recruitment if a coach is fired or leaves for another job.

Why this hasn't been done already in college basketball is hard to understand, though many schools may treat letting players who no longer want to be there go as something of a formality (with exceptions).

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Middletown Signing.JPG
Middletown Signing.JPG

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

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